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Saving the planet one component at a time... Solar inverter repairs

Updated: Feb 22

Since 1988, for more than 30+ years, the ENS Group has been the go-to partner for industry and trade in the field of electronic repairs for IT and PV inverters down to component level, with its know-how and experience.
solar inverter being repaired
ENS engineer repairing a solar inverter

Meaning, that defective units are not simply replaced completely, but defective components are pinpointed and replaced by our qualified and highly skilled engineers and technicians. Even with the topic of planned obsolescence, which is discussed again and again in the media, i.e. the planned wear and tear or the built-in weak points, one can significantly extend the life of the device through "precise" and prophylactic repairs.

Due to the geographically favourable location of laboratories in Central Europe (UK, France and Germany), the ENS Group can guarantee that repairs will be carried out quickly throughout Europe.

The ENS Group offers 100% quality through regular audits by the British Standards Institution.

A repair is usually much more sensible, both ecologically and economically, than replacing the device.

In addition, one saves the sometimes expensive conversion measures for the stringing and device communication with so-called repowering (replacement of the defective inverter or inverters with new devices).

We enable O&Ms to round off their portfolio as a full-service provider.

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