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Hotline Support

The ENS group has 30+ years of experience, meaning there is rarely a problem we cannot solve.

Our hotline support works on a number of levels and is typically part of our maintenance contract.

The client has a dedicated phone line and calls can even be answered under the clients company name, to take the headache away of multiple incoming calls with technical issues. 

Typically, we work through a ticketing system where clients are issued a number of 'call tickets' that can be used per month (with the option to buy additional tickets).

All levels of support will be noted on a CRM system of the clients choice or ENS's in-house CRM. 

The documentation will include name of customer, unit type, the problem and if the problem was solved/ passed onto a different level of support or unsolved.


Please see below the breakdown of levels covered:

A smarter way to work...



Level 1 Support


ENS provide support for basic customer issues, such as solving usage problems and fulfilling service desk requests that require technical involvement.


Usually, the client provides ENS with all the inverter error codes and the solutions as a document which is part of the training to ensure all requirements and procedure expectations are met. 


Level 2 Support

This level introduces an experienced and knowledgeable technician, who assess issues and provide solutions for problems that cannot be handled by Level 1.


The technical training is to be provided by the client, to meet their requirements and procedure.


Level 3 Support

This is the top level of where an experienced technician is able offer remote support, identify the root cause of issues described by the customer and deliver a solution. 

This level of support usually identifies whether a separate solution is required and the customer is guided through all options, if the existing issue is unresolved. 



The ENS group are proud to offer a workplace for diverse range of employees. 

Through this we are able to offer customers support in various languages, including French, German, English, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.

For more information on hotline support, pricing etc, please contact us.

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