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Networking Product Support

ENS is recognised as one of the leading IT support/ sales services providers across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.


We are specialists in component level repair for all major manufacturers of networking products. Click on our repair list below for more information!


The types of devices we repair:

  • Switches

  • Routers

  • Modems (Analogue, ISDN, DSL)

  • IP phones (VOIP)

  • Power supplies of all kinds

  • Storage (NAS)

  • Access points

  • Firewalls

  • IT hardware

  • Media converters

  • Network storage / USB memory

  • USV systems

  • Repair of power supplies of any kind and nature

Customer Advantages

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For a full list of manufacturers we cover....

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O&M Customer

'We would like to keep sending you our inverters in the future'

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