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Signing an IT/ solar maintenance contract

Maintenance Contracts 

The ENS group are committed to lowering our customer's OPEX. Through our 'all-in-one' Solution.




Through maintenance contracts and SLAs that are competitively priced; giving our customers peace of mind that their products are being taken care of, at a lowered cost, by a trusted experienced company, that supports 100s of OEMs.

Hotline support

Hotline support

Providing remote hotline support covering all levels in multiple languages and time zones. 

Service Level Agreement


- Hardware maintenance

- Product lifecycle management

- Remote support 

- Software upgrades

- Advance product replacement

European Network Services 'All in One' solar/ netwoking service


Tailored maintenance contract packages including regular checks of your PV system/ solar plants. Including grass cutting, solar panel cleaning (to improve performance). 

Fault Clearance

We also provide remote monitoring of your plant, with an alarm in case of malfunctions. We provide Redispatch 2.0 for plants larger than 100 kWp

Troubleshooting: On-site measurements, replacement of defective devices.

Exchange/ Repair

In most cases we repair successfully down to component level and if products are deemed to be BER, we offer replacement solutions.

We have a wide variety of inverters in stock from different manufacturers and power classes available across all of our locations. 


The ENS group provide support to commercial customers with re-powering projects. We have access to high volume stock/ parts to enable a smooth re-powering process. Contact us today to find out more!

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