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Broken Solar inverter? What to do.

Isabelle Corangi

8 Feb 2022

Photovoltaic systems are designed for a service life of at least 20 years, but a number of inverters fail much sooner ...

This can have a wide variety of causes, such as dirty fans, overheating, component wear or overvoltage damage due to mains fluctuations or lightning strikes.

If the inverter has failed after the manufacturer's warranty has expired or if the manufacturer of the device no longer exists, good advice is usually very expensive. It can also happen that the manufacturer's guarantee is void in the event of overvoltage damage and the desired replacement device is then, for example, twice as expensive as in the guarantee case.

At European Network Services, we are happy to help you, with over 30+ years of experience in repair services.

We have included the repairs of inverters and their communication interfaces in our portfolio for 13 years. As the name "European Network Services" suggests, we originally come from the network technology industry and after our founding in England in 1988 we started repairing active networks, telecommunications and IT systems. We are now represented across Europe with three locations in UK, France and Germany. We are proud to be qualified and certified with accreditations including: ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.

'European Network Services: Saving the planet one component at a time...'

Basically we can fix anything that has a circuit board. This is made possible by our very well-trained team of engineers, master electricians, appraisers and technicians, who have extensive knowledge and experience of a wide variety of products and are constantly expanding them through further education and training. In our specially equipped laboratories, repair processes such as the use of BGA machines, which allow us to work on the smallest component level and not only replace them, but also repair them if possible, can be carried out. Defective components are either repaired or replaced by us, circuit boards are cleaned and components affected by wear are replaced as a precaution. We simulate the functionality of the inverters under all conditions in appropriate test environments.

We are now the market leader in our sector and are commissioned by well-known insurance companies to carry out damage checks in order to determine whether it is a question of overvoltage damage or, for example, component wear. The processing takes place directly with the insurance companies.

This approach helps to significantly extend the product life cycle of the devices, which is not only more cost-efficient, but above all, more resource-saving and sustainable than producing new devices or replacing defective devices.

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