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Apprentice Engineer

Tadley RG26, UK

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Do you recognize yourself? Then we should get to know each other as soon as possible!
We look forward to your application.
Type of position: full-time, part-time, internship, permanent position, mini-job


As a market-leading service provider for PV inverters and network technology repairs, we are looking for technicians with immediate employment in Tadley (near Reading).

In a modern repair laboratory you can expect the testing, maintenance and repair of photovoltaic inverters down to the component level; assessment and assessment of defective devices with subsequent documentation of the service cases Error analysis and troubleshooting Metrological tests according to DIN VDE.


At least 1 year of professional experience as a technician

completed education

analytical mindset

Driving license class B an advantage

Basic knowledge of English

About the Company

With over 30+ years of experience and competence in the field of electronic repairs down to component level, the ENS Group is the leading provider of inverter repairs in Europe.

We don't just replace the defective units, but rather locate the defective component in a targeted manner and replace it.

We define repair through manual work and technical know-how!

Even with the subject of “planned obsolescence”, i.e. the planned wear and tear or the built-in weak points, the service life of the device can be significantly extended through “precise” and prophylactic repairs.

This of course reduces the use of resources and is usually much more sensible, both ecologically and economically, than replacing the device.

Due to the geographically favourable location of our laboratories in Central Europe (UK, France & Germany), the ENS Group can guarantee that repairs will be carried out quickly throughout Europe.

100% quality through regular audits by the British Standards Institution.

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