Product Information: TDC-Combo SAT/GSM 16900

ens tdc comboEquipped with both Satellite and GSM Modem TDC-Combo allows reliable, secure two way communication everywhere, at any time. It meets optimally the special requirements for centralised monitoring, controlling and surveillance of mobile, high-cost assets (e.g. vehicles, trucks) in remote areas which are not covered permanently by terrestrial GSM net. Its automatic GSM/SAT Switch Function leads to higher cost-efficiency due to reduced airtime cost. TDC Combo is especially designed for the use under severe environmental conditions, It can be installed easily, due to its light and portable size even at places with limited space. Typical applications are e.g. Timesheets, Driver identification, Distance monitoring, Critical point detection, Theft protection, Field service cost saving, Vehicle monitoring, Alarm monitoring, Area monitoring and others. TDC Combo includes a software with programming environment (a subset of the IEC 61131-3) which allows custom software solutions.


Technical Data:

Overall Dimensions (mm)110 x 93×30
Connectivity PortsRS232, Digital I/O*, Bluetooth*, USB*, CAN*, Voice* , GPS, Antenna (2)
Power Requirements10 – 36 V
Power ConsumptionMax 2A
Operating temperature-10 to + 70ºC
Terminal SetupRS232 Programming, remote programming
Conformity95% RH, IP65
Memorymore than 32.000 readings (> 10 years)

Satellite Communication

Service BandL-Band
Transport ProtocolsProprietry Encryption
Certifications SatelliteThuraya certified
Frequency:Rx: 1525.0 to 1559.0 MHz.
Tx: 1626.5 to 1660.5 Mhz
Power2W Max.

GPS Communication

Sensivity-159 dBm (with active antenna)
Accuracy:< 15 m
Startup:Hot Start < 3 s
Warm Start < 35 s
Cold Start < 35 s
Channel:Supports 20-channel GPS


FrequencyGSM 850, GSM 900,
DCS 1800, PCS 1900 Mhz


Other Add-ons

PDA, mounting Kit, cable assemblies, power supplies, antenna