Executive Summary

smc equipmentOur Commitment:

Intelligent Solution Systems commits to provide it’s customers with a high-quality, cost-effective and customizable Intelligent GPS & Tracking System solution.

Our Objectives:

SMC ISS seeks to meet the unique requirements of individual projects and dispatch operations. In addition, SMC ISS will fully integrate their system with a computer aided dispatch system. These systems provide the agency with the tools for faster and more efficient dispatching along with real-time and historical data that can be used for a variety of administrative tasks or analysis.

The Immediate Objective:

To implement an AVT/APT system to enhance the ability to efficiently manage the assignment of vehicle, vessel and personnel operations. To use the AVT/APT and Mobile Data system to increase safety, productivity, and service to the citizens in their area of operations.

smc solution ensThe SMC ISS Solution

The SMC ISS AVT/APT system will establish a wireless gateway between the vehicle fleet and the base dispatch. The SMC ISS AVT system will provide real-time vehicle location and status data on a map interface.

SMC ISS’s scalable In-Smart solution is completely functional as a stand-alone system but can be integrated to any CAD system. The In-Track mobile unit will provide vehicle location and status data for the system as well as serve as the wireless link between vehicle and base.

ens smc equipmentSystem Equipment

The SMC ISS AVT solution consists of Mobile and Base systems. The Mobile unit is centered on the In-Track, a self-contained unit integrating location, communication, and sensor technologies. Any variety of on-board devices can be driven from the In-Track. As an option, SMC ISS can provide a mobile data terminal or ruggedized laptops equipped with customized mobile software.

The base system consists of a Communications Controller, which stores-and-forwards vehicle location and status information to the SMC ISS AVT mapping interface and optionally to the CAD mapping interface. Both the Base and Mobile systems are linked via a two-way wireless communications, allowing for timely data transmission between the field and dispatch center.