Special Case: NGO, Defense

The Task:

Monitoring, controlling & surveillance of remote operations, requiring real-time, continuous & secure two way information stream for safety of personnel, protection of high-value equipment and mission efficiency.

Typical applications:

Timesheets, Driver identification, Distance monitoring, Critical point detection, Theft protection,
Field service cost saving, Vehicle monitoring, Alarm monitoring, Area monitoring, Reports


Dual SAT/GSM remote Device, certified by ThurayaReliable, secure communication nearly everywhere, at any time
Auto switching GSM/SATCost-efficient due to reduced airtime cost
2 way message systemFor remote system control
Telephone voice featureDirect communication with local personnel
512 bit EncryptionFor secure communication of confidential information
Geofence function (individually configurable)For additional surveillance function (e.g. area entry resp. exit)
Panic button function (individually configurable)Quick notification in case of emergency
Broad range of high quality Industry Standard interfaces (e.g. CAN-Bus)User selectable for easy Installation
High Temperature & Moisture Resistance, rugged packagingReliable operation even under extreme environmental conditions
Light and portableFor easy installation, even at places with limited space
Software with programming environment (A subset of the IEC 61131-3)For custom software solutions