Real-time monitoring for transport movements

Cost-saving fleet management using TDC products via GSM, GPRS, Radio or satellite - forget any "Where are you?"-calls!

We provide various solutions for cost saving in fleet management using TDC products. Innovative technologies make it possible to monitor transport movements via GSM, GPRS, GPS, Radio or satellite in real-time. Annoying “Where are you calls” belongs to the past. All vehicle data such as current position, rest periods, moving outside preset limits, distance information and trip history is available on a screen.



Field service cost saving

  • Electronic Trip Log
  • Accurate route tracking and distances
  • Routes displayed on a map
Working period logs

  • Beginning or end times
  • Tracking of any breaks
  • Critical location display
  • Operation hour logs
  • Overtime
Transport load tracking

  • Job status tracking
  • Mobile bar code reading
  • Display of vehicles by groups
  • People and package tracking

  • Monthly, weekly or daily reports
  • Exact distance reporting
  • Routes displayed on a map
  • Distance logging
  • Fuel consumption and cost
  • Usage report
  • Time Loging