Founded in 1991, Mastervolt specialize in the management, conversion and storage of electrical energy. The main technologies of focus include solar, off shore and marine. Establishing a worldwide network is one of Mastervolt’s core principals with research and development centers located across the globe (Netherlands, New Zealand and USA).


Mastervolt solar inverters

Mastervolt solar inverters focus mainly on providing businesses with integration and innovation. Their links with various partners enables fully integrated hassle free systems.


Solar Inverter Repair Service ENS offers 

ENS has a team of fully qualified engineers to take care of the repair and maintenance of Fronius inverters, offering a number of different warranty packages to ensure our customers are fully supported after the repair is complete. We offer fast turnaround times to ensure downtime is minimized, operating on a fast paced in & out business model. All inverter repairs receive test PASS certificates upon completion of repair.



What if My Mastervolt Solar Inverter is BER? 

If your unit is deemed BER (Beyond Economical Repair) upon inspection, ENS will insure a suitable refurbished or new replacement is sourced. Should a board be burnt, we have access to 1000s of parts, to replace boards *.


* Subject to additional costs.


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Mastervolt Solar Inverter Repair Models European Network Services cover:

Mastervolt CS15TL RP 15 kW

Mastervolt CS20TL RP 20 kW

Mastervolt CS30TL RP 30 kW

Mastervolt CS7TL RP 7 kW

Mastervolt CS9TL RP 10 kW

Mastervolt CS12TL RP 12 kW

Mastervolt QS 1200 0,95 kW

Mastervolt QS 2000 1,7 kW

Mastervolt QS 3200 2,75 kW

Mastervolt QS 6400 5,5 kW

Mastervolt QS 3200 Max-I 2,75 kW

Mastervolt QS 6400 Max-I 5,5 kW

Mastervolt QS2000 Outdoor 1,7 kW

Mastervolt QS3500 Outdoor 2,75 kW

Mastervolt QS3500 Max-I Outdoor 2,75 kW

Mastervolt XS6500 Outdoor 5,325 kW

Mastervolt Soladin 2200 Web 2,2 kW

Mastervolt Soladin 3000 Web 3 kW

Mastervolt Soladin 600 EU 700 Watt

Mastervolt Soladin 600 GBR 700 Watt

Mastervolt Soladin 600 ITA 700 Watt

Mastervolt Soladin 700 Web 0,7 kW

Mastervolt Soladin 1000 Web 1 kW

Mastervolt Soladin 1500 Web 1,5 kW

Sunmaster ES3.6 TL 3,6 kW

Sunmaster ES4.6 TL 4,6 kW

Sunmaster ES5.0 TL 5 kW

Mastervolt Sunmaster XL10 10 kW

Mastervolt Sunmaster XL15 15 kW

Mastervolt Sunmaster XS 2000 2 kW

Mastervolt Sunmaster XS 3200 3,2 kW

Mastervolt Sunmaster XS 4300 4,3 kW

Mastervolt Sunmaster XS 6500 6,5 kW

Mastervolt Windmaster 500 550 Watt