Since 1933 Danfoss have focused on ‘engineering tomorrow, building a better future’. With the goal of creating healthy environments with less waste. The company has grown substantially, from being founded by an individual named Mads Clausen to being one of the leading organizations within the RE industry.

The company not only provides sustainable solutions but also assists in procurement of mechanical and electrical solutions; supporting investors, transportation industry, facilities management etc …


Danfoss solar inverters

 Danfoss are widely recognized for their solar inverter and integrated insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), with voltage systems now reaching 1500 V.


Solar Inverter Repair Service ENS offers 

ENS has a team of fully qualified engineers to take care of the repair and maintenance of Danfoss inverters, offering a number of different warranty packages to ensure our customers are fully supported after the repair is complete. We offer fast turnaround times to ensure downtime is minimized, operating on a fast paced in & out business model. All inverter repairs receive test PASS certificates upon completion of repair.



What if My Danfoss Solar Inverter is BER? 

If your unit is deemed BER (Beyond Economical Repair) upon inspection, ENS will insure a suitable refurbished or new replacement is sourced. Should a board be burnt, we have access to 1000s of parts, to replace boards *.

* Subject to additional costs.


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Danfoss Solar Inverter Repair Models European Network Services cover:

Danfoss DLX 2.0 UL

Danfoss DLX 2.9 UL

Danfoss DLX 3.8 UL

Danfoss DLX 4.4 UL

Danfoss DLX 2.0

Danfoss DLX 2.9

Danfoss DLX 3.8

Danfoss DLX 4.6

Danfoss FLX 5 5 kW

Danfoss FLX 6 6 kW

Danfoss FLX 7 7 kW

Danfoss FLX 8 8 kW

Danfoss FLX 9 9 kW

Danfoss FLX 10 10 kW

Danfoss FLX 12.5 12.5 kW

Danfoss FLX 15 15 kW

Danfoss FLX 17 17 kW

Danfoss FLX Pro 6 kW

Danfoss FLX Pro 8 kW

Danfoss FLX Pro 12.5 kW

Danfoss FLX Pro 15, kW

Danfoss FLX Pro 17 kW

Danfoss TLX 6k +

Danfoss TLX 6k Pro +

Danfoss TLX 8k +

Danfoss TLX 8k Pro +

Danfoss TLX 10k +

Danfoss TLX 6 6 kW

Danfoss TLX 8 8 kW

Danfoss TLX 10 10 kW

Danfoss TLX 12.5 12.5 kW

Danfoss TLX 15 15 kW

Danfoss TLX 8 8 kW

Danfoss TLX 10 10 kW

Danfoss TLX 12.5 12.5 kW

Danfoss TLX 15 15 kW

Danfoss TLX manual

Danfoss TLX Pro 10k

Danfoss TLX Pro 12.5k

Danfoss TLX Pro 15k

Danfoss ULX 1800

Danfoss ULX 3000

Danfoss ULX 3600

Danfoss ULX 5400

Danfoss ULX manual