ENS is recognised as one of the Leading IT, Networking & Maintenance services as well as Solar Inverter Repairs across the UK, Ireland and Europe.


Please come and visit Our ENS Team From UK, France, Germany at Inter Solar Munich,Germany,15-17 of May 2019 ENS Booth B3.135

ENS is the leading European Repair specialist. We repair inverters produced by all major Solar Inverter Manufacturers down to smallest component level. As an engineering company with over 30 years’ experience, we are proud of our expertise in performing successful repairs on various types of photovoltaic inverters. Our repair expertise extends not only to standalone inverters but also to inverter modules, covering a whole range of string and multi string inverters.
Our repairs are based on real craftsmanship and expertise! By pinpointing the problem areas and preventive repairs we are able to significantly extend the lifespan of your device and eliminate issues concerning planned obsolescence.

All Repairs are carried out and warranted in our ISO-certified Laboratories across Europe.

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